PR Series: Tips of the Trade – Do not forget about the holidays

If you are a PR pro or working your on PR, you have to be on top of every holiday that graces our calendar. Including the obscure ones. Why? Because you can undoubtedly relate it back the the brand you manage. Even the most unknown holidays/observances can garner coverage, so why not situate your client right in the middle of the talk? Holiday pitches are must-haves for your arsenal.


April 14 — National Moment of Laughter Day

Client: Comedian

Pitch topic: Awe-inspiring jokes for beginners to impress friends on the big day

Client: Beauty Company

Pitch topic: Lipwear that holds up to as many laughs as you can stomach

See — it’s pretty simple. Of course you can’t tie your client into every observance that occurs throughout the year. That’d be a bit overwhelming. But… when it works, it works. So make it happen. The good thing about these types of pitches is that you can queue them up well in advance so that they’re ready to roll out as each holiday nears.

One Response to “PR Series: Tips of the Trade – Do not forget about the holidays”
  1. yoakleypr says:

    I think you make a good point. We usually ignore the holidays that aren’t major US days off and it’s funny that we can just ignore the others. I do want to direct your attention to: “back to the brand you manage.” All the best!

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