PR Series: Tips of the Trade – Always be prepared to grow

We’ve been running our PR series for several weeks now, and we’d thought we’d close it out with a little advice that’s fitting not only public relations practitioners, but for everyone. It’s pretty simple. Always be prepared for growth opportunities. You can find nuggets of wisdom everywhere. The individual fresh out of college has experiences and ideas wholly unique from the 30-year professional, but both can add value to your journey.

Be present and mindful of everything around you. You’d be surprised at how easy it is to miss something that could change the trajectory of your career. Your professional career is a journey. Each step means something and impacts the next one you take — whether it be positively or negatively. Enjoy it. Embrace it. Don’t rush the experience.

Take a look back at the other posts in the series. Who knows what gems you may find! What wise advice do you have to share?

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