DKNY goes from $15K payout to $25K in PR mishap

So what happens when a company wants to use an individual’s photos, they can’t agree on a payment terms and the company decides to use the photos anyway? Well all you have to do is ask good ol’ DKNY. When the brand and photographer Brandon Stanton couldn’t agree on terms for use of his photos, a Bangkok DKNY outlet ran a store display featuring his images anyway.

Big no, no.


Brandon is  a pretty popular guy and couldn’t have taken the dirty road, but instead he didn’t sue or get nasty on social media, he simply requested that instead of paying him, DKNY donate $100K to the  YMCA in Bedford-Stuyvesant Brooklyn. And he used his social media outlets to make the request. Nice!

So what’s the outcome? DKNY didn’t make the full $100K donation, but they did donate $25K. That’s a pretty big win for the YMCA if you ask us!

Kudos to Brandon for using his platform to do some good.

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