Itsy bitsy bikini dreams for summer 2013

Being a mommy to be and an exercise fiend doesn’t always mesh. No matter how hard you want to keep up running until you can’t breathe or doing push up that leave you wondering what you were thinking, sometimes your body just says no. Or at least mine does. These days, on the brink of the third trimester, a one mile walk sometimes leaves me breathless and achy. For someone who ran a half marathon a little over a year ago, that’s no bueno, and a little disheartening!!

But, it’s all for a good reason and come July, fitness and I will become reacquainted on a very personal level. Believe that.  I remind myself of this fact every day! Until then I can’t help but dote on a few swoonworthy swimwear items that are sure floating around during spring break and on summer beaches. From itsy bitsy bikinis to seductively sexy one pieces, it’s all here for your enjoyment! The look from Lenny is my personal fave!! It’s the last pic.

This is just a little taste of what to expect during the upcoming seasons. Admire and get that body right!! You know you want to rock some of these!




swoonworthy summer - swim2

Agua de Coco


swoonworthy summer - swim3

Michael Kors, DKNY, Aqua Di Lara, Poko Pano, Red Carter, Gottex

swoonworthy summer - swim4

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