DIY beauty secrets revealed and tested

This week we’ve decided to challenge ourselves with a few DIY beauty secrets. There’s nothing like going to the the grocery store and racking up on a whole slew of food items that you’re not going to consume. It’s exhilarating don’t you think? And it’s the perfect way to ease into spring — which arrives … Continue reading

Model Monday: Lakshmi Menon

Lakshmi is striking, no? Her chiseled bone structure makes her the perfect candidate to embrace the thick, structured eyebrows that are raging this season. Couple that with her ethnically androgynous look (she’s Indian, but could probably pass for Middle Eastern and maybe even East African) and there you have it. An international sensation! In spite of her … Continue reading

Flawless Friday: Red Lips for Independence Day

We brought Model Monday back with a vengeance, so now it’s time to get Flawless Friday back into the thick of things. Today we’re talking a flawless set of red lips for 4th of July. Perfect fit, right? Hues of red abound, and when it comes to selecting a color for the lips, there’s no … Continue reading

Model Monday: Janice Seinen

Model Monday has been on a very, very long hiatus. So, we knew that we had to bring it back with a BANG! Janice Seinen, with her sleepy eyed, androgynous look, seemed like the perfect choice. She’s an up and coming model based out of Ford Europe. There’s not too much info out there on … Continue reading

Model Monday: Jany Tomba

“Are you a model?”  A bystander asked Jany on the street in the late 1960s. “No,” she replied. Fortunately, that was the last day she could answer that question in the negative. For Jany, unlike many of us, that question lead to a spread in Glamour magazine and was the official launch of her career … Continue reading

Flawless Friday: At-home beauty concoctions

At-home beauty concoctions are cooked up all over the place, ALL THE TIME! Some of them work, some — not so much. So how can you tell if something that generations of women in your family have been putting on their skin works? Well — you’ll have to ask a doctor, or chemist, or natural … Continue reading

Flawless Friday: Summer body workouts

So…it’s summer. That hot, oh so sunny, walk outside and just smile time of year. And nothing brings in summer better than a fabulously toned body, complete with high energy and an aura of exuberance. Who wouldn’t want to be around all of that vibrosity?   Well this summer, with the help of some new, flawless … Continue reading

Flawless Friday: A new summer ‘do

Summer, summer, summer time. It’s inching closer and closer. The official first day of summer, that is. For those of us experiencing 95+ degree weather, summer has already arrived. New season = new sights, sounds, and…a new ‘do. It’s the perfect time to switch it up. Take some off, add a little, change the color, … Continue reading

Make your Peepers Pop with Disney Mov-Eyes

Some artists blow our mind with their creativity and skill, Katie Alves undeniably fits the bill. She skillfully crafted artistic wonders on the small surface of skin that forms eyelids. Her hand-crafted Disney scenes allow us to relive childhood favorites like Alice in Wonderland, Aladdin, and the Lion King blink after blink. The fatal flaw … Continue reading

D&G Make up

Season after Season, Dolce & Gabbana The Makeup sprinkles the world with shimmy shams of glamor. This season, get ready to meet Animalier and Summertime (is Will Smith’s song Summertime ringing in anyone else’s ear) The Makeup’s newest products crafted under expert makeup artist Pat McGrath and fronted by the beautiful Scarlett Johansson.   Let … Continue reading