Flawless Friday: Mally Roncal

She’s beautified the likes of Rihanna, Mary J. Blige, Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez. And though makeup is her specialty, it’s a secondary layer of beauty for Mally. From a young age, her parents taught her that “the things that make us different are the qualities that make us beautiful.” This philosophy serves at the foundation … Continue reading

Model Monday: Ana Sofia Martins

Ana Sofia Martins is a Portuguese beauty of Cape Verdian descent. Ana’s entry into the modeling industry was a mixture of fate and of course, good looks! At 14 Ana skipped school and while going to a former teacher’s house was scouted by a modeling agency. How lucky! Within the year, she won  the 2002 ‘Look Models International’ … Continue reading

Flawless Friday: Mother’s Day Beauty

Mother’s day is right around the corner, and even though she may not always say it, mom loves to feel beautiful too. It’s in the genes, there’s not getting around it. With that in mind, we thought it’d be fitting to share some of our favorite beauty-inspired Mother’s Day gifts. 1. Mother/Daughter Mani-Pedi This one’s … Continue reading

Model Monday: Lana Ogilvie

Lana Ogilvie is a legend. By tirelessly striving for success in the modeling industry, she deconstructed barriers for women of color that assisted in setting standards for ethnic equality in the modeling industry. She is also one of the most well known Canadian models of all time, but her scintillating looks must be credited to … Continue reading

Flawless Friday: With a Royal Twist

Couldn’t let a day like today pass without a look at some of the fairytale imagery going on across the pond. The much awaited wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton finally happened today and Princess Katherine was flawless. Her dress, a beautiful Sarah Burton (Alexander McQueen) masterpiece. She looked stunning. The feminine Chantilly lace … Continue reading

Flawless Friday: Iman, Iconic Beauty

Blessed with a timeless beauty, Iman is simply stunning. Can you believe she’s 55 going on 56? I can only dream of looking as gorgeous as she does at that age. Her skin is simply amazing. Smooth, supple, seemingly imperfection-less. I stand in awe. But, the Somali-born Mrs. David Bowie isn’t keeping her secrets all … Continue reading

Flawless Friday: Carol’s Daughter and the polyethnic campaign

When we saw this bit of news, we knew it was the perfect topic for our Flawless Friday series. New, exciting strategy from an amazing beauty brand with an even more amazing story, Carol’s Daughter. Love when a company responds to its customers. Hope you enjoy the news as much as we did! You’re sure … Continue reading

Model Monday: Noémie Lenoir

Modeling almost as long as she’s been alive,  Noémie Lenoir was spotted by Ford Models at the age of 16 in Versailles, France. A mixture of Malagasy and French ancestry, Noémie has an unforgettable face marked by stormy hazel eyes and golden brown wavy hair. This French beauty has been in the business for a while, … Continue reading

Flawless Friday: A lesson in pink

A touch of tickled pink brings out the prettiest little princess in all of us. May not be your everyday color, but on that strategically selected day, with that perfectly chosen look that girlie girl in you will come out. And if you like it more than every now and then, go with it. A … Continue reading

Model Monday: Melodie Monrose

It is hard to imagine Melodie Monrose’s vicious cheekbones shyly hidden behind a book, but her mother, an educator, wouldn’t have anything else. Her childhood was spent in libraries, museums, and other cultural centers, until she was discovered in 2010. Mere weeks before the spring 2011 runway casting shows began, Melodie was whisked away from her home in Martinique, … Continue reading