Itsy bitsy bikini dreams for summer 2013

Being a mommy to be and an exercise fiend doesn’t always mesh. No matter how hard you want to keep up running until you can’t breathe or doing push up that leave you wondering what you were thinking, sometimes your body just says no. Or at least mine does. These days, on the brink of … Continue reading

New Year’s 2012: Fashion and Fitness, Listen Up

New Year’s Resolutions. Even if we don’t write it down, or tell our inner circle, we all have something that we want to do better, change, or start with every new year that passes. Get a few minutes of thinking time, and it’s pretty hard to avoid thinking about what you can do better in … Continue reading

Flawless Friday: Summer body workouts

So…it’s summer. That hot, oh so sunny, walk outside and just smile time of year. And nothing brings in summer better than a fabulously toned body, complete with high energy and an aura of exuberance. Who wouldn’t want to be around all of that vibrosity?   Well this summer, with the help of some new, flawless … Continue reading

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