Dash of Class – Cheese and Meats Night!

Occasionally we’ll add a dash of class to our nightly routine and indulge in a wine and cheese night! My favorite part? CHEESE! I’m a notorious cheese head, but up until lately, I’ve maintained a fairly boring Rolodex of cheese. “Chedda is betta” was my motto. All that is changing with cheese night. I’m discovering … Continue reading

Watch: Construction of Anima-zing Louis Vuitton Artistic Wonders

Louis Vuitton’s timeless sophistication has an enviable mystique that needs no upgrade, but Billie Achilleos saw away to take the designs to the next level. He handcrafted sculptures into shapes of animals – genius, right? The designs are entirely composed of small leather goods found in Louis Vuitton’s SLG Savoir Faire collection . Although the … Continue reading

Things We Love: 3 Piece Coasters on Coffey Buzz

Two tumbled slate coasters from the eco-savvy, urban artisan boutique 3 Piece were recently featured on Coffey Buzz, an interactive lifestyle web-zine that revolutionizes shopping & viewing video online. What makes this segment unique is that it allows viewers to interact with the objects on set. For instance, by clicking on the coasters information appears on the sidebar … Continue reading

Design on a Dime Fundraising Event

Housing Works Thrift Shops’ seventh annual Design on a Dime fundraising event kicked off with the Opening Night Reception on Thursday, May 5th at the Metropolitan Pavilion. In attendance was yours truly, and now we’re bringing our favorite looks and design tips from New York City’s most popular interior design benefit event. An evening of indulgences, … Continue reading

Tame the CLOSET madness

What’s the worst thing to have when you get your kicks from trouncing around hidden vintage gems and fabulous boutiques grabbing the fabulous finds that leave you barely able to contain yourself? Long sentence, but had to get all the descriptors out. The answer: a messy closet. You’ve got all these goodies, yet when you … Continue reading

Oh So Lovely DIY Design Inspirations

Craving that irresistibly luxe feel you get when sitting in a room designed to the nines or when eying the pages of a divine home decor glossy? It’s exhilarating and deflating in the same moment. On the one hand it’s an amazing design creation to gaze at in wonderment. On the other, it’s a distant … Continue reading

Sandscapes and Cityscapes: Sky-high Dubai

The typical way to experience a destination is by touring historic landmarks, museums and cultural centers. Apparently, Dubai is different. And Dubai is capitalizing on this. From many sky-scraping venues across the Emirate, visitors receive a 360-degree panoramic view of Dubai’s expansive size and overabundance of opulence (no specification necessary). If you enjoy breathtaking views, … Continue reading

Honey me Honeysuckle: From the Runway to Your Hallway

Dubbed the “color of the year” by Pantone Color Institute, honeysuckle, earned the title and deserves your love for its “uplifting” qualities. Energizing, refreshing, and stimulating, honeysuckle is a spring 2011 must have for fashion. It was seen on numerous runways, such as Cynthia Steffe’s and Erden’s, as well as at fast fashion retailer H&M. … Continue reading

Camera Glasses & Purse Printers: Lady Gaga brings us the new new fashion trend

She’s fun, flirty, & funky, and now she has proven herself to be tech savvy! Lady Gaga ventured out at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV to demonstrate products she collaborated on with Polaroid under their Grey Label line. She graced the crowd wearing her new Snap Shot Shades, sunglasses embedded with a … Continue reading

From bedroom to ballroom: Designer inspiration

Genius interior designing gem Nate Berkus, an Oprah protegé might we add,  recently (December 13) aired a show analyzing the unique way fashion designers find inspiration from the beauty found within their own homes. The aesthetics have a way of fluidly translating from home decor to runway chic. Pure, simplistic backgrounds interspersed with bold pops … Continue reading

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