Beyonce’s Memorial Day Comeback

Super star performer and now super fab mommy, Beyonce, had us giddy over Memorial Day. Why? Because Memorial Day weekend she made her big comeback to the stage, and we had no doubt that would be a musical masterpiece and fashion kaleidoscope. Who wouldn’t get excited about that? Plus, she’s a risk taker and we’ve … Continue reading

Rihanna’s UNLOCKED For “talk that talk” Also Walked that Walk

No virgin to nontraditional moves, Rihanna once again found a path on unchartered territory. This time, she redefined the album launch. You know, a simple task that was all in a days work lol. Expecting a party and a buzz? Well, we can’t say that won’t be happening, but think bigger! Rihanna released UNLOCKED, an … Continue reading

Marsha Ambrosious: Fierce, Retro, Glam

Glitzy, glamoury, stunningly beautiful. Did anyone else see that gorgeous dress Marsha Ambrosious wore on the BET Awards stage during the Patti LaBelle tribute? We know we’re a couple of days late (the awards show was Sunday), but we just can’t get it out of our heads. The dress was beautiful and Marsha looked fabulous … Continue reading

A violin and a dream: Miri Ben-Ari

Remember that curly coiffed, amazingly talented violinist who rocked it out with Jay Z on the Summer Jam 2001 stage? Miri Ben-Ari sound familiar? To call her original doesn’t do her justice. The music she creates with her violin is one-of-a-kind — unmatched. But the magic doesn’t stop there. Not only does she perform — … Continue reading

Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Bob Marley’s Death

The first superstar from a developing country, Bob Marley, lost the battle to cancer 30 years ago to the day, May 11, 1981. In commemoration of his life and legacy, the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles, CA has memorabilia from the Marley family’s personal collection on exhibit until October 2, 2011. Of particular interest is … Continue reading

A Seamless Songstress: Meklit Hadero

Luxuriate in the addictive sound of Meklit Hadero. Infusing poetic lyrics with her soft, raspy soul-filled voice, she bring the words to life with effortless finesse. Simply put -her voice is strong, but calming, happy, but not giddy, and just plain pleasurable. A reflection of her Ethiopian heritage, Brooklyn upbringing, and San Francisco home, Meklit has … Continue reading

Teetering on the edge…of stilettos

We’ve all done it. Hit that imaginary puddle of water or tripped over that painted line. And the results…not too pretty or nonexistent if no one is around. Quick double take over the shoulder and keep it moving. Well, the queen of the little monsters, Lady Gaga, has taken her fair share of spills on … Continue reading

Bringing back that old school vibe

Something about Bruno Mars’ voice is enchanting. It has a delicacy, that makes “I wanna be a billionaire so fricking bad,” (one of my favorite lines of the year, by the way) sound just as smooth and supple as, “When I see your face, there’s not one thing I’d change, cause you’re amazing just the … Continue reading

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