Marketing Trend: Thigh-high Temporary Tattoo Ads

Japanese are unafraid to walk away from conventional and get knee-deep into eyebrow raising activity. And I say that to those early adopters with the utmost affection; I used to live there 🙂 Japanese PR Firm, Absolute Territory, is capitalizing on what’s known in Japan as “zettai ryouiki” by commissioning ad space on thighs! Zettai ryouiki refers to the … Continue reading

DKNY goes from $15K payout to $25K in PR mishap

So what happens when a company wants to use an individual’s photos, they can’t agree on a payment terms and the company decides to use the photos anyway? Well all you have to do is ask good ol’ DKNY. When the brand and photographer Brandon Stanton couldn’t agree on terms for use of his photos, … Continue reading

PR Series: Tips of the Trade – Always be prepared to grow

We’ve been running our PR series for several weeks now, and we’d thought we’d close it out with a little advice that’s fitting not only public relations practitioners, but for everyone. It’s pretty simple. Always be prepared for growth opportunities. You can find nuggets of wisdom everywhere. The individual fresh out of college has experiences … Continue reading

PR Series: Tips of the Trade – Do not forget about the holidays

If you are a PR pro or working your on PR, you have to be on top of every holiday that graces our calendar. Including the obscure ones. Why? Because you can undoubtedly relate it back the the brand you manage. Even the most unknown holidays/observances can garner coverage, so why not situate your client … Continue reading

Event Planner List Must-Haves – The Venue

If you plan events, we are talking any type of event, a good list can keep you out of a lot of trouble and save you a great deal of heartbreak. We all think we can bank everything we need to know in our all-powerful brains, but when situations get tricky and deadlines near the … Continue reading

PR Series: Tips of the Trade – Accept that you will get rejected

As harsh as it may sound, the truth is that you will get rejected. No matter how stellar your pitches are, they won’t all garner results. It’s a fact. It’s just not going to happen for you every time. So suck it up, and accept that you will get rejected — even by those journalists … Continue reading

Avoiding event planning faux pas

Planning an event ain’t easy! There are so many small details that have to fall into place in order to make an event go off without a hitch, no matter what the size. And even when all details are seemingly aligned, there’s usually still a hitch. Not trying to be a negative Nancy, but that’s … Continue reading

PR Series: Tips of the Trade – Build media connections

Relationships are a key component of public relations success. Having a connection with the right person makes public relations efforts so much easier. The media professionals you’re targeting on behalf of your clients or company are bombarded (inundated or whatever word you can come up with that means overloaded) with emails. Their inboxes are so … Continue reading

PR Series: Tips of the Trade – Edit with an eagle eye

We readily and openly admit that editing is not fun. After you’ve drained every ounce of creativity you have crafting a blog post or a snazzy little pitch, editing is the last thing you want to do. You want to click that dazzling publish or send button more than anything. We definitely know the feeling … Continue reading

Celebrities winning at social media: Ochocinco

Call him what you will. Talk about him all  you want. But — one thing you can’t say about Ochocinco is that he doesn’t know how to use social media. He’s quite the master when it comes to connecting with his audience, being relevant, and keeping people on their toes waiting for the next 140 … Continue reading

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