Spring has Sprung: Bring out your Crop Top!

I’m a spring baby. Astrologically speaking, an Arian. First sign of the zodiac; first in life. So know that it brings me great pleasure to finally usher in MY season – spring – and all the joy it brings! Specifically, perfect weather (don’t mind my idealistic view) that allows us to mix summer essentials with … Continue reading

Marketing Trend: Thigh-high Temporary Tattoo Ads

Japanese are unafraid to walk away from conventional and get knee-deep into eyebrow raising activity. And I say that to those early adopters with the utmost affection; I used to live there 🙂 Japanese PR Firm, Absolute Territory, is capitalizing on what’s known in Japan as “zettai ryouiki” by commissioning ad space on thighs! Zettai ryouiki refers to the … Continue reading

Dash of Class – Cheese and Meats Night!

Occasionally we’ll add a dash of class to our nightly routine and indulge in a wine and cheese night! My favorite part? CHEESE! I’m a notorious cheese head, but up until lately, I’ve maintained a fairly boring Rolodex of cheese. “Chedda is betta” was my motto. All that is changing with cheese night. I’m discovering … Continue reading

Uptown Girl: Modern Art Installations on Park Avenue

  By juxtaposing vibrantly colored geometric shapes against the muted New York City streets, the Art in the Park program is practically toying with your perception of reality. The colorful shapes appear to have been Photoshopped or superimposed onto Park Avenue. Miami-based Venezuelan artist, Rafael Barrios, painted the sculptures with an acrylic that has a … Continue reading

The Other Larrieux, Sky Larrieux

One of the reasons why I LOVE NYC in the summertime is Summerstage. Free concerts in the park? I’m there every time. Last Sunday was a real treat because Groove Theory was apart of the line up. I was beyond pumped about them performing and extra ready to get my groove on. Of course their … Continue reading

Kehinde Wilde, Can We Be Your Muse? An Economy of Grace.

Last night I skipped out on Cinco de Mayo specials and instead attended the opening of Kehinde Wilde’s first exhibit with The Sean Kelly Gallery, An Economy of Grace. Smart move on my part because it was AH-MA-ZING! Paintings with vibrant floral patterns I loved the floral pattern he painted around the exterior of the … Continue reading

4 +1 “Must-Have” Social Media Elements for Your Website

Fast and easy information on how to ramp up your social media presence on your website. 1. Visually Appealing – Though it would be nice if society didnt judge a book by its cover, it happens. And if your website isn’t visually appealing, it will turn people off and likely discredit what you’re offering. You … Continue reading

E-commerce rock star!

Brick and mortar stores are fabulous. Who doesn’t love dilly-dallying around in a chicly designed, gorgeously adorned store? Seeing, feeling, smelling, hearing, tasting all the lovely things one loves to buy (or browse), is a full on, sensory experience. And it’s not going anywhere! BUT… What about those business owners who want to keep it … Continue reading

Shao Yen’s Impeccable Furry-ish Fashion Fete!

I nearly had a fashion-gasm when I stumbled upon the likes of Shao Yen while trying to justify my need to wear a yellow dress in mid-October (judge me at your will, but I wore the dress :). Yen, a true Taiwanese treasure, trained under the auspices of Alexander McQueen, Hussiein Chalayan and Claire Tough- … Continue reading

Banana Republic goes Mad Men

We’re absolutely mad for the fashion on Mad Men!  1960s is one of our favorite decades. We scour vintage stores and second hand boutiques in search of treasures from that era. The search may have just been simplified! Banana Republic, along with Mad Men’s costume designer Janie Bryant is offering a 65-piece Mad Men inspired … Continue reading