Fatimah Tuggar: In/Visible Seams’

A collection of Nigerian-born artist Fatimah Tuggar’s  unique, stylish, soulful works is currently on display at the University of Delaware (February 6 – May 12). In/Visible Seams’ features a montage of ink-jet prints on vinyl. It’s a montage so expect the unexected! It’s photography taken to an unexpected level. The colors are vivid. The scenes … Continue reading

Watch: Construction of Anima-zing Louis Vuitton Artistic Wonders

Louis Vuitton’s timeless sophistication has an enviable mystique that needs no upgrade, but Billie Achilleos saw away to take the designs to the next level. He handcrafted sculptures into shapes of animals – genius, right? The designs are entirely composed of small leather goods found in Louis Vuitton’s SLG Savoir Faire collection . Although the … Continue reading

The Highest Form of Flattery: Cecil Beaton

“He marked his period as if he were the only photographer around.” – Mario Testino [speaking on Cecil Beaton] His name recently crossed our path, but his images have been entrenched in our minds for years. Finally the two connect. Cecil Beaton (1904-1980) a man who will be eternally celebrated for his divine images of … Continue reading

Bubblegum Raindrops & Sugar Coated Snowballs: Daisy de Villeneuve

Creating deceptively simple caricatures of life and illuminating them with quirky features and vibrant color palettes is the trademark aesthetic of illustrator Daisy de Villeneuve. Noted for her felt tipped designs radiating with her signature child like flair, Daisy’s work is pure funkadelic fun. Her illustrations have captured the attention of Top Shop, LVMH, Nike, … Continue reading

2010 Holiday Lust List: Seasonal Giveaway!!

With Christmas right around the corner, we know there are still a few gifts left to buy, for yourself or others. With that in mind, we decided to put together a little lust-list, filled with goodies, glam and gorgeous (with a french ring). Let go of your frantic worries, because one item from this list … Continue reading