Model Monday: Melodie Monrose

It is hard to imagine Melodie Monrose’s vicious cheekbones shyly hidden behind a book, but her mother, an educator, wouldn’t have anything else. Her childhood was spent in libraries, museums, and other cultural centers, until she was discovered in 2010. Mere weeks before the spring 2011 runway casting shows began, Melodie was whisked away from her home in Martinique, … Continue reading

Model Monday: Sessilee Lopez

Her tantalizing sepia tinged complexion, haunting dark brown eyes, and finely wrought pout are sure to propel Sessile Lopez from model to supermodel status. Doted on for her androgynous look, Sessilee, a Philadelphia native, but Dominican to the core, had a childhood dream of modeling that came into fruition after years of prodding her single … Continue reading