Daily Revelation: MLK Love Special

  MLK Day is an amazing time to celebrate the work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Hopefully, we’re also reflecting on his legacy, which falls on our shoulders, as those called to carry on his work. The quote below was taken from his 1963 Nobel Peace Prize Speech and hits on the value of … Continue reading

Jennifer Lopez Behind the Metal

J.Lo is back in the game. Her new album Love? is expected to drop May 3 and her second single, “I’m into You,” includes Lil’ Wayne – always a good look. A look all to herself, People’s Most Beautiful Woman in the World was naturally granted an”all access” pass to Chichen Itza, Mexico, where she … Continue reading

Divine, Darling and From the Heart

From dainty, to dreamy, to downright darling a few kind words on a delicate piece of stationary always lighten the mood. Strategically placed ruffles, ribbon curled to perfection, perfectly sprinkled sparkles or maybe a doodle so cute you just can’t contain yourself, the journey only ends with your imagination.  Scour the aisles of a unique … Continue reading