PR Series: Tips of the Trade – Do not forget about the holidays

If you are a PR pro or working your on PR, you have to be on top of every holiday that graces our calendar. Including the obscure ones. Why? Because you can undoubtedly relate it back the the brand you manage. Even the most unknown holidays/observances can garner coverage, so why not situate your client … Continue reading

PR Series: Tips of the Trade – Accept that you will get rejected

As harsh as it may sound, the truth is that you will get rejected. No matter how stellar your pitches are, they won’t all garner results. It’s a fact. It’s just not going to happen for you every time. So suck it up, and accept that you will get rejected — even by those journalists … Continue reading

PR Series: Tips of the Trade – Build media connections

Relationships are a key component of public relations success. Having a connection with the right person makes public relations efforts so much easier. The media professionals you’re targeting on behalf of your clients or company are bombarded (inundated or whatever word you can come up with that means overloaded) with emails. Their inboxes are so … Continue reading

PR Series: Tips of the Trade – Edit with an eagle eye

We readily and openly admit that editing is not fun. After you’ve drained every ounce of creativity you have crafting a blog post or a snazzy little pitch, editing is the last thing you want to do. You want to click that dazzling publish or send button more than anything. We definitely know the feeling … Continue reading

PR Series: Tips of the Trade – Write like a journalist

Don’t want to crush any hearts, but dropping a load of marketing speak on that editor you’ve been dying to connect your client with, will not get you that feature story. You can pretty it up as much as you want to, but a marketing brochure masked as a press release is not going to … Continue reading

PR Series: Tips of the Trade – Read, Read, Read

If you work in public relations and aren’t constantly reading, there’s something wrong with your scenario. Of course there’s client work, meetings, networking, administrative duties and things of that nature. You do have to run a business. However, reading and public relations go together like white on rice. Like two peas in a pod. Like … Continue reading