Are you shocked to find these images in Vogue?

Have you seen the ‘Haute Mess’ editorial in the Mar. 2012 edition of Vogue Italia? It’s quite a controversial piece. On the one hand, model Joan Smalls was the first black model to grace the cover in 4 years. On the other hand, why was the ‘no black model’ streak broken with the ‘Haute Mess’ … Continue reading

Model Monday: Jeneil Williams

Jamaican beauty, Jeneil Williams, was catapulted into the spotlight courtesy of a Caribbean model search in 2005. Shortly after, she was sashasying down runways and posing for notable photographers around the world! Solidifying her legacy as one of the preeminent fashion models in the world, was her placement in Vogue Italia’s special issue on black … Continue reading

Model Monday: Melodie Monrose

It is hard to imagine Melodie Monrose’s vicious cheekbones shyly hidden behind a book, but her mother, an educator, wouldn’t have anything else. Her childhood was spent in libraries, museums, and other cultural centers, until she was discovered in 2010. Mere weeks before the spring 2011 runway casting shows began, Melodie was whisked away from her home in Martinique, … Continue reading